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Why did you choose to give birth at home farm?

Personally, this decision seemed to us the most adapted to what we expected from a birth , that is to say (and as far as possible concerning my health and that of the baby), the arrival of the baby in peace , With as few people as possible, in a familiar environment and without being pressed or given me medicine.

During my pregnancy, I also wanted to be followed by the same person , to establish a climate of confidence, that she knows us well, supports us, listens to our doubts if need be. I wanted to avoid any stress and make it really simple.

We were not against medical follow-up and we did all ultrasounds, blood tests, monitoring and other preparations at birth, like all women who wait for a child. The only difference is that I stayed with my midwife for me all alone on the day of childbirth! My daughter was born on my bed, from her dad’s hands and four hours after birth, we were all 3 in our house, serenely.

Generally, women who opt for childbirth at home do so because they do not want to go to the hospital and prefer to opt for the comfort of a habitat they like.

How many home births take place each year in France? And abroad ?

There are quite few of them and the real numbers are even lower than the reality , since the statistics also count the mothers who give birth unexpectedly at home, in their car, at work and so on.

In the ¬†Netherlands , the system is very advanced with a rate of 30% of births at home: the public finances understood that it was cheaper for them, and antennas are established all over the country. In the United Kingdom, about 15% of births occur in parents’ homes.

In France in 2008, there were approximately 8,000 selected home births, followed by a liberal midwife and properly prepared (according to the  National Council of the Midwifery , there would be fewer 3000 each year out of a total of 800 000 births, NDRL). There are more and more couples interested in this option, but few of them have the opportunity because there are only about sixty liberal midwives who deliver home deliveries in France (72 Midwives in 2011, NDRL), they are poorly distributed geographically. Some highly motivated couples still travel hundreds of kilometers to find their midwife.

How well prepare? Who to trust?

Photo: Raphael Goetter on Flickr

To prepare well, it is enough to follow with assiduity the appointments with his midwife .You have to trust yourself, the dad, the midwife and especially the baby. It has been tens of thousands of years since the human species and all mammals reproduce in this way. Let us trust our bodies. Medicine is formidable in case of danger and to facilitate the life of patients who suffer from diseases. Being pregnant and giving birth is not being sick!

And after childbirth?

The midwife leaves after the first observation tests with the baby and after making sure that the mother is well. She gives advice for feeding on the first day. She returns the following days, a few hours depending on her availability and the needs of the parents. She can be contacted by phone if necessary,You may visit our website here.

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