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Hair loss after laser hair removal

After a laser hair removal session the hair behaves differently than it does in other alternative methods, be it wax, razor, razor or electric hair removal.

It causes surprise in the user to discover that, a few days after the laser session, part of the hair can leave again. Some come to think that the session has had no effect, which has been poorly done, so that hair continues to grow normally. These ideas can be reinforced when an indeterminate percentage of them do not fall definitively until fifteen or twenty days later.

It is not really the consequence of a bad application, but it is a perfectly natural effect in this procedure of hair removal. Warned or not by the user, this behavior is because the root is the part of the hair that absorbs most of the energy transmitted in each shot;Consequently, it is the zone that reaches the highest temperature during the treatment. In this way the root is weakened, damaged, so the stem will be released days later leaving in the skin a small stretch that the body will expel as it would any other foreign element.

Throughout this process, which can last for a couple of weeks, the stem begins to stick out of the epidermis. If at that moment we would pull it out with a pair of tweezers, even with our fingers, we would extract it completely without the least resistance. And, in fact, the root of that hair no longer has any link with the hair follicle that generated it.

Consequently, when the stem has emerged and the hairs are in this state, they will be detached in the shower, by the rubbing of the clothes, by the movements that we do in sleep and, of course, if we use exfoliating soaps and sponges for the Release the skin from dead cells.

This circumstance, absolutely logical in laser hair removal, does not happen in all sessions nor in 100% of hair treated.

You want to know more?

This spontaneous drop of hairs treated in the session occurs only in an undetermined percentage of them, not at all. The cause is the cyclic growth of hair. In the next session the effect will occur in another indeterminate percentage, reason why it is necessary to realize successive sessions.

Here are some additional information to complete your knowledge on the subject:

  • The anagen phase of the hair is ideal to receive a session of laser hair removal scottsdale. The percentage of the same in this phase varies from some zones and circumstances to others. Thus, in the armpits may not exceed 30%. Most hairs – the remaining 70% – are in the catagen or telogen phase, so they do not meet the appropriate conditions for treatment.
  • ┬áIt is the 30% of hairs in the anagen phase that can fall spontaneously in those two or three weeks from the application of the treatment. In the next session the process will be repeated, this time with another 30% different (approximately) hairs.
  • In the facial area of the upper lip there are higher percentages of hair in the anagen phase.
  • As a colophon, it should be remembered that the ability to warm properly is low when the hair is in the catagen or telogen phase, so the effectiveness of the session decreases greatly in them.

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