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Mechanical seat

Using metal rails and heavy sweaters, create a post of mechanic with four wheels that allows you to move around the school store, keep tools at hand. Craft a lower platform approximately twice the width of the seat surface. Make a second platform, large enough for a grown man to sit comfortably, and attach it to the center of the base. The end result allows the user to sit in the seat to a comfortable height and tool store on the platform below.

Bird Bath

Sculpting a project welding metal bird bath is a great school that you can give as a gift or entered local competitions. Weld a stack of one meter a secure base before connecting a round metal disc on top of the pole. This is the area where water is stored for birds, so it must have a type of a recess to hold water. Complete bird bath with a creative twist with the addition of a sculpture of decorative metal sheets or rolls in the center of the tank.

Penne with animals

Personalized pens welding is a convenient option for farmers who need a safe place to keep small animals such as goats and sheep instead. Use an inch cutting metal tubes large enough for the pen size desired lengths. Weld three sides of the panels together and filling the openings with wire fencing panels horses. Create the doors in the same way to the pens with fixed hinges for easy access.

Decorative Door Handle barn

Add a little style ‘their barn doors with decorative metal handle. Using a square centimeter of metallic material, applying high heat and carefully twisting metal decoratively but utilitarian. Welding metal balls 1 inch from the top and bottom of the handle and use a means of short pieces of centimeters actions to ensure handle square metal plates used to hold the door handle. The size and shape of the handle can be changed to suit most any farm gate.

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